Veneers are thin shells that are glued to the surface of a damaged or discolored tooth. They are made of porcelain, ceramic or composite resin. This type of restoration is generally done for cosmetic reasons on teeth that are visible when you smile, especially front teeth.

If you have cracked, damaged or discolored teeth, Dr. Amassian will take the time to assess whether veneers are right for you. In addition, if you are embarrassed by extra space between your teeth or by misshapen or uneven teeth, this type of restoration can help put a smile back on your face.

However, veneers are not for everyone. If you’re not a good candidate, Dr. Amassian and his team will explain why. For example, if there is a cavity in the tooth to be restored, it will need to be treated first. In all cases, we will propose different options to you.