Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is required when the dental pulp becomes infected or irritated. This situation may occur following a tooth fracture or after a large restoration. When completed, root canal treatments have a high success rate and allows patients to keep their teeth, rather than having the affected tooth extracted.

How it is done:

    1. The dentist makes an opening in the tooth to remove the damaged pulp
    2. The canal is cleaned, disinfected and filled
    3. The tooth is permanently sealed and in most cases a crown would be recommended to protect the tooth in the long term

In some instances, a root canal treatment may require more than one appointment. If this is the case, Dr. Amassian will let you know. If when completed the results of the root canal treatment are not ideal, some steps may need to be repeated. In addition, when cases are complex or more difficult, our dentists may need to refer you to a root canal specialist—An Endodontist, to complete your treatment. Specialists have lots of experience in their field and have more specialized equipment, making them more equipped to dealing with more difficult cases.