Dental X-Rays

For many decades now, dentists have been using dental X-rays to help see their patient’s teeth, jawbones and supporting structures more clearly, to help them make a better diagnosis of their patient’s oral health. Traditionally clinics used traditional X-ray machines with photographic paper to produce the image. The process needed to develop these X-rays was time-consuming and generated waste.

Here at Passion Sourire, we are equipped with the latest generation of digital X-ray technology. This technology enables us to:

    • Expose our patients to 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays
    • See images instantaneously since there is no film development needed
    • Able to have clearer images that can alter and adjusted to contrast the image
    • Able to share them with ease if you or your insurance company would need a copy.

Having this technology in an integral and important part of the practice since X-rays are needed to diagnose cavities and bone loss, for the installation of implants, bone grafts, and sinus lifts as well as for evaluation prior to extraction.