Dental Prostheses – Dentures

There are different options for replacing missing teeth. Here at Passion Sourire, we believe that strengthening the foundation of your dentition is one of the best ways to avoid and prevent future problems.

This is why we believe that implant-supported prostheses are the best option. Implants act as the root of the tooth, helping to minimize bone thinning to better support the dentition. They also make dentures much more comfortable to wear and after a certain adaption period, you can begin to resume eating almost anything. Our team of knowledgeable dentists can help you decide if implants are the right choice for you.

Dental prostheses

There are different types of implant-supported prostheses and they can be fixed or removable.

A fixed prosthesis is permanently installed in your mouth and cannot be removed. A full prostheses replaces all the teeth in the dental arch, whereas a partial prosthesis replaces one or more missing teeth and can include implant supported crowns and bridges.

A removable implant supported-prosthesis is ideal for patients whose full or partial dentures are not stable. This type of prosthesis requires the installation of 2-4 implants with installed ball attachments that allow the denture to click into place and to be removed when necessary.

A bar retained prosthesis uses 2-5 implants to secure a retaining bar. The prosthesis is then attached to the retaining bar by a series of clips on the prosthesis.