Your Childs First Visit

It is recommended to have your child`s first dental visit and cleaning around the age of three. However, if you have any concerns or questions about their dental health before they turn three, don`t hesitate to ask us at your own dental visit or book an appointment.

It is at your child`s visit dental visit, that the hygienist and dentist will build a connection with your child and create an environment of trust in order to be able to complete the dental cleaning and exam. Hygiene instruction is also a very important part of this initial visit, and our team of hygienists will be able to walk you and your child through proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Nearly 50% of patients have some fear of the dentist, and this fear is easily transmissible to children. It is imperative for children to adopt a positive attitude towards coming to the dentist. To help them develop this positive attitude, it is important to prepare your child for their visit and help them understand how the appointment will go.

Before the visit

  • Help prepare your child by reading them a story where the principal character has their first visit to the dentist.
  • Review the steps of the dental cleaning and exam the day before and prior to coming.
  • Do not make any mention pain or discomfort.

During the visit

  • On occasion, we may ask for parents to sit in the chair with their child or to help keep them still during the appointment.
  • With older children, once all the necessary information has been gathered we will invite the parent to return to the front lobby during the cleaning and then return for the dental exam.
  • Listen attentively to dental hygiene instructions to help support good hygiene habits at home.
  • Appointments for dental cleanings can be pre-booked at the end of each dental cleaning and are great at helping to keep your child on a regular schedule for their dental cleanings.

After the visit

  • Ensure that proper hygiene is being followed as instructed. Up until the age of ten, we recommend that parents stay present and involved in the hygiene routine to ensure that their children are brushing and flossing correctly.
  • Ensure that your child’s diet does not consist of too many acidic, sugary or sticky foods. Moderation is key!