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  • Clinique dentaire Passion Sourire
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  • Clinique dentaire Passion Sourire

Technologies that are revolutionizing dentistry

CEREC Technology

Would you like to restore a damaged or broken tooth, but are worried that the treatment will be too complicated? CEREC technology is the ideal option for reluctant patients who need a crown or inlay. With this technology, it is now possible to have a permanent dental restoration in one appointment! The dental professional starts by taking an impression of your damaged tooth using a 3D camera. A custom inlay or crown is then virtually designed and the restoration milled directly out of a ceramic block that matches the colour of your teeth. Since ceramic is the material that most resembles enamel, there is no need to worry about its solidity and durability. Patients at the Passion Sourire Dental Clinic are thrilled with how simple the treatment is and the spectacular results achieved using CEREC technology. There is no more reason to hesitate!


Do you have misaligned teeth? Are you looking for an alternative to conventional metal or white braces? You will surely be pleased to learn that the Passion Sourire Dental Clinic offers an orthodontic treatment alternative with custom translucent aligner trays. The INVISALIGN trays are designed with a software called ClinCheck®, which creates a virtual 3D model of your teeth. This procedure allows you to visualize the series of movements that your teeth will make during the treatment period, and visualize the final result. INVISALIGN makes removable custom-made aligners that you change approximately every two weeks, as your teeth move.

The benefits of INVISALIGN aligners

  • Highly esthetic (translucent/invisible)
  • Very comfortable
  • Removable (remove them when you eat and brush)
  • Non-metallic, with no wires or bands (which minimizes the risk of irritation)
  • Gentle movement

Orthodontic treatment with INVISALIGN is the ideal option for active people seeking a discreet but very effective technique to align their teeth.

ZOOM whitening system

As you know, whitening treatments have become very popular in the last few years. The Passion Sourire Dental Clinic is offering an innovative teeth whitening system that is both simple and effective (it can improve the colour of your teeth by several shades). The ZOOM whitening system involves the use of a whitening gel (concentrated hydrogen peroxide) that is activated with a blue light (ZOOM). The treatment is spread over three 15-minute sessions during a single appointment. Thanks to the strict precautions that we take to protect your gums before the treatment, the ZOOM system represents no risk for your teeth, gums or soft tissues.

The ZOOM system is a simple, effective and safe whitening method. Patients of the Passion Sourire Dental Clinic who choose the ZOOM whitening system will receive custom-made touch-up trays at no extra cost to keep their smiles sparkling for life!

For more information about any of these treatments, please call the Passion Sourire Dental Clinic at (450) 510-2323.

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